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About us

memotion is Athina Liakopoulou and Saskia Watts- a Child Psychologist and a Dance Therapist, with a shared love of dance and movement. By working as a duo we give each child personal attention, follow their breakthroughs and struggles, and stimulate their creativity and joy through movement and dance.  


Athina is introducing  Saskia

"Saskia is the kind of person who wins you over at first glance with her sweetness, and a huge smile.  

Being brought up in two cultures (British and Dutch) she has always been curious and always wanted to discover more. In the past, she studied dance science and psychology, coached people to quit smoking, worked with people with Parkinson's disease and so much more... She doesn't stand still, and will never miss an opportunity to explore new possibilities. In her mission to connect dance with her drive to help people she became a Dance Therapist. On paper she is a dance therapist but at heart she is a true mover. She has been dancing since she was a little girl and will probably never stop. 

She loves being around children because it is fascinating to discover their little world but mostly because she gets to become a child again herself..."  


Saskia is introducing  Athina

"Athina's enthusiasm and wonder at the way children see and experience the world always makes me smile. Using movement to communicate with them is the most natural thing to her, and she can get so excited when they discover something new.

As a Greek in the Netherlands she brings her own background and combines it with ingredients she finds here to form a unique mix. Her passion for dance has led her to initiate various projects and she loves to experience first-hand what dance can bring, sweeping others along with her infectious energy.

Her energy and creativity also spills into her work as a child psychologist, which she has done in both South Africa and in the Netherlands - finding many ways to connect and work with autistic children. All of this makes her the perfect partner for memotion."

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