'allowing yourself to move and be moved'

Focus points: 



  • Encourage and enhance creativity 

  • Encourage emotional expression through movement 


  • Invite each child to share their story 

  • Expand your comfort zone 


  • Learn to support each other in an empathetic way 

  • Increasing self-esteem 

A block of 15 weekly classes where your child will have a safe space to express themselves and explore their own experiences using dance. The classes are based around the following themes: 

Can your body tell a story without words? 
Can we have a dancing dialogue? 

Can you dance like an angry lion or move like an excited monkey? 
Does the way you move influence how you feel? 

Can you find stability in a constantly shifting environment? 
What to do when your story changes? 

Children have very little choice in many changes in their lives

but need the time to understand them… 

What is your personal dance?  
Can you allow yourself to be seen by others? 

Do you know your personal space? When do you want to share it? 
In how many ways can your body say ‘no’? 


  • The classes take place over a number of weeks with a fixed group. In order to guarantee personal attention the group size is limited to 8. 

  • The classes take place in English with Dutch if needed. 

  • Ages: 5-8 years old

New block starting in September!


Every Monday 15.45-16.45 at WG Terrain Studios, Ketelhuisplein 41. 

Contact us here to sign up or if you would like more information.