Theme workshops

'are you allowed to say "no" to a hug?'

Growing up is not always a simple process and there is so much to learn. Not only for children, but parents may also experience challenges in how to support their children in different areas of their development. 


In our theme workshops we focus on a different developmental theme each time such as boundaries, emotions, or self-esteem and explore them through dance, movement, and creative tasks. Moving and dancing together with your child can be a great way to connect, learn new things about each other, and gain new insights about your patterns as a parent. You will be challenged to explore together with your child and to find new ways to support them. 

Our themes:

  • "Can I Give You a Hug?"

    • Exploring physical and emotional boundaries, how to say 'no' and understand when others are saying 'no'.

  • "Can You See My Heartbeat?"

    • Playing with different emotions, and exploring how our body is telling us what we feel. ​


  • "Elbow Talks to Nose!" 

    • ​Connecting and communicating through dance and movement, learning about body language and understanding bodily cues. ​


  • "Spots or Stripes?"

    • Learning about what makes us different, what makes us the same, and accepting and appreciating that​.

  • "Can You Hear In The Dark?"

    • ​Exploring and experiencing all our senses from a different perspective. 


  • "No One is Yourer Than You!"​

    • Explore what it means to be you, find your own movement identity and get inspired by your own ideas.


Practical Information:


Each workshop can be followed separately, you can choose to follow the whole series, or choose to repeat the same theme multiple times as we make sure to keep adding new content so there will always be something new to experience. 


Each workshop lasts an hour, and the group is kept small (max. 6 pairs of (grand)parent/caregiver and child) to guarantee personal attention. 

Workshops are led in English & Dutch. 

We offer workshops for children from 3.5-6 years old and for children from 6-9 years old.


Price: €20 per workshop

Location: workshop locations vary. 

See our                       page for an overview of the upcoming workshops or contact us