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About memotion

'We believe in the power of dance and movement as a tool for expression, communication and interaction.'


With the individual strengths and needs of each child as a starting point we use dance and movement as a therapeutic tool for positive growth, for healing, and for development. 

Growing up is a process which each individual goes through in their own way and both children and parents may encounter challenges or unexpected situations along that journey. We are there to support this process and offer a safe space to explore alternative ways of being and interacting, and to help children develop tools which can help them in daily life.

Movement as an approach

Some people think of dance as a form of exercise, as a performing art, or as a specific skill. But dance can also be used in a therapeutic sense- offering an alternative means of communication and expression. In fact, dance and movement have been shown to stimulate self-expression, enhance mood, reduce anxiety, increase body awareness and self-awareness and encourage social interaction and communication. 

Children are natural movers and moving provides them with a direct, physical experience. Using dance and movement therapeutically can help children learn how to listen to their bodily signals and recognise their boundaries and those of others and explore their creativity. Additionally, they can learn about emotions and discover different ways to express and regulate them. All together, this can support children in their development, enhance their self-esteem and increase their understanding of themselves and the world around them. 

Our approach focuses on dance and movement and is supported by different materials, props,  music, play and imagination. Sessions are child-led which allows children to express and communicate their needs so we can support them to grow and develop in an optimal way. We utilise each child’s strengths while supporting and encouraging them to explore other possibilities.


      What we offer: 

  • Individual coaching:​​
    Individual coaching for children in need of extra attention and support to understand, or deal with, certain situations in their life or personal struggles. Getting into motion can help children to discover new ways of expressing themselves, of coping, interacting with people, and developing tools which can help them navigate through life.


  • MoveMe groups:
    MoveMe groups are small groups for children aged 4-7 which run for a number of weeks. Each group is developed to address the individual themes and needs of the children in it, as well as catering to the group as a whole. Children will have a safe space to express themselves through dance and explore their own experiences. 


  • Parent/child workshops:
    Each workshop focuses on a different developmental theme and can be followed separately, as a series, or the same theme can be followed multiple times. Dance, movement, and creativity are used to explore the theme in a playful way allowing your child to explore new things, and parents to gain insight about the theme and different ways to support your child. 


  • Collaboration with schools/organisations:
    We collaborate with schools and organisations in different ways to support students with their social-emotional development allowing teachers to focus their attention on academics.
    Generally, we offer two types of programmes within schools- for small groups of children (max. 6)  focusing on different aspects of their social-emotional development, or on an individual basis tailored to the needs of a particular child who could benefit from individual support. The school and parents are always involved in the process as we find it important that they can help the child to apply what they learn in different settings. 
    Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your school or organisation.

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