'allowing yourself to move and be moved'


The world around can be asking a lot and a child may feel pressure to live up to certain expectations, perhaps hiding themselves in the process. As individuals, each child has their own way of being in the world, their own strategies to deal with situations or people they find more difficult, or moments of feeling more or less at ease with who they are and what they are capable of. 

We offer a safe space to explore alternative ways of being and interacting, and to help children develop tools which can help them in daily life. MoveMe groups allow children time to really get to know one another, and for their individual themes to be explored within the group setting.


MoveMe groups can help children who (amongst others):

  • Find it a challenge to show and express emotions in the presence of others

  • Are insecure and unsure of themselves (for example difficulty with taking initiative and expressing themselves, avoid new situations, need a lot of reassurance)




  • Find it difficult to work together with others, take turns and/or understand someone else’s perspective

  • Are going through a change in their lives (for example: moving houses, changing schools, a new class at school, a death, a birth, a divorce and so on) and find it difficult to adapt 

  • Struggle to say ‘no’ and end up in situations which make them uncomfortable/unhappy

  • Find it difficult to understand and accept their own and others’ physical or emotional boundaries



In the MoveMe group we get our bodies into motion. 

Movement can be anything from the way our heart beats, to our posture to the way we touch and hold ourselves and each other. 


Using dance and movement, supported by different materials and props, music and imagination children get to explore new ways of communicating and interacting with others in a group. Children are invited to take initiative and share their stories as well as listen to others and be part of the group.


They are encouraged to discover new ways of expressing themselves, new ways of coping and understanding the world around them. We listen to their words as well as their body language and help them to understand and integrate their emotions and their experiences. 

Practical information

We organise a try-out class a few weeks before a new MoveMe group is planned to start. This gives you the chance to meet us, for children to experience how we work, and an opportunity to ask questions. In the try-out class the focus is on getting to know each other and we do not dive into specific themes yet. 


Before the group starts we have contact with parent(s) and invite them to tell us something about their child, to hear why they feel like their child could benefit from MoveMe, and if there are any specific themes or areas they would like to be addressed during the group. We believe it is important to involve parents and keep them up to date so halfway through the group, and at the end we will give you updates and you are always welcome to contact us with any questions or observations. This can take place in person, by phone, or by email. 


Group: A MoveMe group consists of 3-8 children between the ages of 5 and 8 years old.The group takes place over a period of 7-12 weeks. Sessions are led in English & Dutch. 

Starting dates: 

There are 3 starting dates per year. 

  • September 

  • January 

  • May 

Before the start of every group, there is a try-out class.  

 Price:  €175 - €300 depending on the number of weeks of the specific group 

Next try-out class: 26th of April 2021

 The next MoveMe group will run from the 26th of April until the 21st of June. 


*dates and details are subjected to change according to the regulations related to COVID-19.

Contact us or sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date for upcoming groups or to sign up for our next try-out class.