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Collaboration with schools and other organisations 

'When a student is acting up in class, teachers need to recognise the powerful feelings they are expressing, even if inappropriately'


Memotion offers programs in various schools and other organisations in aim to support children with their social and emotional development. These programs are tailored to the needs of the school/organisation and the specific students and they are mostly focused on the following themes: 

• Body awareness 

• Recognising emotions (of self and others) 

• Regulating and expressing emotions 

• Recognising and expressing physical and emotional boundaries 

• Self-awareness and self-esteem 

• Communicating and connecting with others 


memotion can support the special education needs department by offering an approach

which supports children in their social and emotional development using a non-verbal,

body-based, creative approach giving a base from which to develop further skills. We believe

that working with a child means the whole system around the child needs to be involved.

Therefore, we find it important that parents and teachers are involved throughout the

programme so they can support and remind the child to put strategies into action and

continue to do so in the long-run.

Organisations for children with special needs 

We also offer sessions and workshops for children with special needs. 
Depending on the children' profile and individual needs our programs focus on body awareness, group cohesion, 

communication skills, motor skills and body coordination 

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Other organisations 

We also offer workshops to other organisations that focus on child care and development. 

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