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What people say about us

"Via their program, memotion has contributed to further helping children with developmental challenges via movement, emotional expression and joyful interaction. Thank you so much for enriching the lives of children with autism"

Paulla Keen & Kevin Walton 
Directors of Stichting Ark 


"The workshop I joined today was a great, meaningful experience to share with my 4 year old son. I loved the activities, the learning part, the interaction, the dance, the improvisation! Athina and Saskia really did a great job organizing everything. Thank you so much girls and we are looking forward to the next meeting!"

mother of O., 4 years old 


"When I enrolled for the workshop, my daughter told me: "I'm worried I will not be able to practice my own dance". At then end, she was full of smiles! She could express all her creativity and discover new things about expression of emotions for herself and for the others, and her body."

mother of C., 6 years old 


We really enjoy our classes with these amazing ladies! My daughter and I highly recommend joining in on the series every week for the children OR dance and explore different themes together with your child. Enjoy!

mother of T., 7 years old


"It is amazing, I was so much looking for something like this to do with my daughter. Body language, expression through dance is way more important than many think. Really nice what you are doing"

mother of T., 8 years old 


"Memotion has made a significant difference to the students in my classroom; nurturing confidence, self-belief, and communication skills among children with social and emotional needs."

Toni, school teacher 

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